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If you or someone in your household claim one of the below benefits, you are eligible for an ECO3 grant.

Apply below for an ECO3 Grant.
If you want more details regarding the Power Purchase Agreement for Solar PV or the Assignment of Rights funding for Air Source Heat Pumps please also complete the form below. 

What Can be installed under the ECO3 scheme?

The information you supply us below will allow us to check if you are eligible for FREE ECO3 funding, the Power Purchase Agreement for Solar PV or Assignment of Rights funding for Air Source Heat Pumps. We can also assess your homes suitability for the requested home insulation and/or heating measures. 

All the measures below (except a Gas Boiler Replacement - Homeowners only) are available to Homeowners & Tenants.

​Once we have received your form, we will call you when you have requested, and we will:

  •         Confirm the details supplied are correct.

  •         Discuss your eligibility to the ECO3 scheme, the measures you may be able to have installed (subject to survey) and if any contributions may be required

  •         If you are interested in the Power Purchase Agreement and/or the Assignment of Rights funding we will confirm that your property meets the minimum requirements for the funding and that you are happy that we pass your details to the funder.

  •         We will text you (if you have consented) to let you know which installation company will be contacting you and their contact details.

  •         They will arrange a time and date for a survey and if both you and they are happy arrange a date for installation. 

  •        You can cancel at any time before the installation has taken place with NO COST to you.

  •        Lastly we treat your data like we would expect our own to be treated. We are ICO registered and only use your data in connection with getting you funding for your home efficiency improvements.


It is also possible to qualify through LA Flex.

For further details about LA Flex please click below

Please indicate which heating and/or insulation types you are interested in.
We aim to call everyone that sends in a form the same day but understand this may not always be convenient. Please select below the best time for one of our team to give to a call to discuss your application.
We can send you text messages keep you updated with the progress of your installation. Please indicate below if you are happy for us to do this
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Thank you for submitting your details. One of our team will be in contact to discuss the next steps.