ECO Funding

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How Do I Qualify?

Quite simply a list of benefits and other qualifying criteria. If you match it, you can apply for ECO3 funding.

What Can I Have Installed?

Simply a list of brief descriptions of all measures you can have installed under ECO3


Who are ECO Simplified?

Before giving your details to us or any company, you should rightly ask who they are?

Firstly ECO Simplified are NOT an installation company.


We are an administration company that support installation companies within the ECO3 scheme with potential leads and once installed, the paperwork requirements so that they can be paid quickly for the measures they install under the ECO3 scheme.

What is the ECO3 scheme?                                           


Google 'ECO3 Scheme'. You will see Government and OFGEM pages. I can promise that the information is not exciting but it will give you an understanding of what the scheme is about.


Not being an installation company may seem like a bit of a disadvantage when asking you to let us help you get the Free Boiler or Free Insulation you want, but a single installation company may be busy or do not cover the area that you live in, we however have a nationwide coverage of installation companies that we work with on a regular basis. This means if someone is busy or for any reason cannot get to you quickly we can easily source a new installation company.

There is no commitment by completing the form below.


The information you supply will allow us to check if you are eligible for FREE ECO3 funding and assess your homes suitability for the requested home insulation and/or heating measures. 


It is used for no other purpose and while it might seem a lot of information we need, it means we can give accurate information about what you may be eligible for and any potential contributions that may be required.


While it is possible to have a 'Free replacement boiler & insulation by using the ECO3 scheme sometimes contributions may be required. This is because of how the funding is worked out; property size, and heating type. 

We will discuss this with you when we call you BUT this is not a sales call. If you do not want to go ahead, that is fine and if you change your mind at any point before installation has taken place, that is fine also. We will not call you back in a month and ask if you have changed your mind. We will however delete your details as promised.

Once we have received your form, we will call you the same day or if late, the next morning and we will:

  • Confirm the details given are correct.

  • Discuss your eligibility to the ECO3 scheme, the measures you may be able to have installed (subject to survey) and also if any contributions may be required.

  • If you are happy to proceed, we will send you a privacy document to electronically sign so that we can check your benefit status (this only gives us a reference number and lets us know if there is a match). We only use the data collected and only go ahead if you sign the privacy document. If it comes back unmatched we would ask for a photo of a benefit letter to prove eligibility.

  • Text you (if you have consented) to let you know which installation company will be contacting you and their contact details.

  • They will arrange a time and date for a survey and if both you and they are happy arrange a date for installation.

  • You can cancel anytime before the installation has taken place with NO COST to you.

Please indicate which heating and/or insulation types you are interested in.
We aim to call everyone that sends in a form the same day but understand this may not always be convenient. Please select below the best time for one of our team to give to a call to discuss your application.
We can send you text messages keep you updated with the progress of your installation. Please indicate below if you are happy for us to do this
Please click below to confirm that you have read our privacy policy and terms of use and are happy to go ahead under these terms.