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How Do I Qualify For ECO4 Funding?

There are 2 ways to qualify for ECO4 funding. 

  1. Benefits

  2. LA Flex

If you receive a qualifying benefit, we would use this to access funding for the heating and/or insulation.


For those not in reciept of a qualifying benefit, we can check your Local Authority Flexible Eligibility criteria (LA Flex) to see if you can access funding via this route.


If you qualify via LA Flex, we will call you to advise what the next steps are. 


If you or someone living in your home receive one of the following benefits, you can qualify for ECO4 funding: 

 DWP administered benefits
   Pension Credit
   Universal Credit
   Income Based Jobseekers Allowance
   Income Related Employment & Support Allowance
   Income Support
   Housing Benefit
   Tax Credits (Child & Working Tax Credit)

Child Benefits:

Single Claimant:                               Qualifying Maximum Household Income
- 1 Child (up to age 18)                  - £19,900
- 2 Children (up to age 18)            - £24,800
- 3 Children (up to age 18)            - £29,600
- 4 Children (up to age 18)            - £34,500

Member of Couple:                         Qualifying Maximum Household Income:
- 1 Child (up to age 18)                 - £27,500
- 2 Children (up to age 18)           - £32,300
- 3 Children (up to age 18)           - £37,200
- 4 Children (up to age 18)           - £42,000


 The LA Flex route to funding has different qualifying criteria than the core ECO4 scheme, making it more accessible to more people. 

   1. Low Income - A household with an annual income of less than £31,000.

   2. Health - Have a health problem that is made worse by living in a cold environment, such as respiratory problems (in particular, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease & childhood Asthma (aged 5 & under),  Cardiovascular problems, Mobility problems, or Immune system disorders.


  3. Multi-proxy Eligibility - Your residence must be in Energy Bands E to G, and two of the following   criteria must be met:

  • The home is located in the LSOA 1-3 area. 

  • A householder is at risk of living in a cold home, as defined by the NICE Guidance.

  • A householder obtains a Council Tax rebate.

  • A householder is recommended under a local government-run programme aimed at assisting low-income and vulnerable families.

  • A resident is entitled to free school meals.

  • A household has been identified as being in persistent debt on utility bills and mortgage payments, and Citizens Advice, their energy supplier, or their mortgage lender has recommended them to the Local Authority for assistance. 

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