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Our Background

ECO Simplified 

Our role within the ECO4 scheme is not as an installer of ECO measures, but instead, we support our installation partners with access to funding, potential customers and administrative assistance. 

Starting our journey with only one individual in a home office due to the gap in the market within the ECO industry, we can confidently say now that we are experts in Eco4 submissions paperwork. We got our first direct contract in 2021 and have continued to grow ever since. With submissions being the route to payment, we want to ensure clients measures are processed as quickly and accurately as possible. Our Eco administration differs to administration work from other business sectors; continuously evolving as legislation and guidance changes. Even now, with some of the longest serving experienced staff, no two days are ever the same and queries remain a regular occurrence.


Our collective experience within ECO4 and the previous ECO schemes as allowed us to develop some extremely close relationships with our installation partners that has meant we have not needed to become an installer ourselves, but instead know that when we pass a customer to them, we can be confident that they will receive excellent service and the installation will be a high standard.  ​​

We understand the role we play in helping those in fuel poverty and cold homes, reach the support and funding to improve their homes. This is not about collecting information and passing it on but setting the right level of expectation with the customer, including explaining what the ECO4 scheme is, what the survey and installation processes are.

Here at ECO Simplified, we are different from other organisations in our market as we view all our employees as equal – regardless of their job title, from Director to Apprentice. We value all our employees equally, with our professional progression, success and personal wellbeing being at the forefront of the company’s priorities. We know that if our staff are happy and feel appreciated and valued, they will pass this onto our customers.

We stand out from the crowd through our work with numerous charities. We work alongside charities which are focused on tackling fuel poverty through various means, whether this involves assisting with personal financial strain through offering vouchers and discounts or supporting those with mental health problems through a service of referrals and support from within our company. Our extent of involvement does not stop once we have processed the customer under an energy efficiency scheme, we have an ‘open door’ outlook meaning anyone can contact us for further support, or even just a friendly chat to check in!

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