External Wall Insulation


About 35% of all heat loss from UK homes is due to un-insulated external walls.


External wall insulation is defined as a layer of insulation that is fixed to an existing external wall. This layer will be finished either with a coat of render or with an alternative cladding to protect it from the elements.


External wall insulation is perfect for solid wall homes where you want to improve the look of the exterior of your home and its thermal rating.

Bill savings and things to be aware of:


  • Can save between £195-£650 a year on your fuel bills depending on property size (Figures from the Energy Saving Trust and assume property is a gas heated home and sized between a small flat to a large detached home).

  • External wall insulation cannot only improve the look of your home, but also improve the weather proofing and sound resistance, alongside  reducing drafts and heat loss.

  • Having external wall insulation fitted to your home requires no internal work so the disruption can be kept to a minimum.  

  • Some period properties cannot have this installed to the front of the property but can have it installed to the rear.

  • It will also increase the lifespan of your walls as it protects your brickwork, but these do need to be structurally sound before installation.

  • Grant funding is available that can cover the full cost of installation (qualifying criteria apply).

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