Loft Insulation

Insulation Installation

Heat from your house rises resulting in about quarter of the heat generated being lost through the roof of an un-insulated home. Insulating the roof space of your home is the simplest, most cost-effective way of saving energy and reducing your heating bills.


Insulation should be applied to the loft area to a depth of at least 270mm, both between the joists and above as the joists themselves create a "heat bridge" and transfer heat to the air above. With modern insulating techniques and materials, it's still possible to use the space for storage or as a habitable space with the use of insulated floor panels.

Bill savings and things to be aware of:

  • Can save between £500-£690 a year on your fuel bills depending on property size (Figures from the Energy Saving Trust and assume property is a gas heated home and sized between a Mid-terrace house to a detached home).

  • Grant funding is available that can cover the full cost of installation (qualifying criteria apply).

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