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Loft Insulation

Heat from your house rises resulting in about quarter of the heat generated being lost through the roof of an un-insulated home. Insulating the roof space of your home is the simplest, most cost-effective way of saving energy and reducing your heating bills.


Insulation should be applied to the loft area to a depth of at least 270mm, both between the joists and above as the joists themselves create a "heat bridge" and transfer heat to the air above. With modern insulating techniques and materials, it's still possible to use the space for storage or as a habitable space with the use of insulated floor panels.

Bill savings and things to be aware of:

  • Can save between £500-£690 a year on your fuel bills depending on property size (Figures from the Energy Saving Trust and assume property is a gas heated home and sized between a Mid-terrace house to a detached home).

  • Grant funding is available that can cover the full cost of installation (qualifying criteria apply).

To check if you are eligible under the ECO4 scheme, please click the button below and complete the online form. 

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