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Controlling radiator heating temperature with a smart phone, close-up with radiator on the

Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls allow you to control your heating from your mobile phone or tablet via an app. Obviously for these to work, you do need an active internet connection.

They allow you to have greater control over your home heating by giving you access while you are on the move, so that if you are out, you can always return to a nice warm home.

There are several different products available, with varying levels of features available.

Within the ECO4 scheme there are several products that can be installed; from smart controls to Time and Temperature zone controls that allow for a minimum of 2 heating zones in your property so that instead of heating your whole house, you could turn the heating off in a zone your are not currently in. This is usually set to upstairs and downstairs but it is also possible to have multiple zones, through additional smart TRV's being added.

To check if you are eligible under the ECO4 scheme, please click the button below and complete the online form.

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