In the past we have worked with partners who have focused their training on the administration team in the office i.e. those people who process the measures for submissions.


The reality is that those employed in the supply chain also need to receive training, including surveyors, pre-install admin checks, installers (if they are completing paperwork) post-install admin and any other individuals touching the paperwork.

All members of your team should be able to process a submission compliantly, whether it be a Gas Boiler replacement or any of the home insulation measures. If everyone can do it, then everyone knows the requirements so it cuts down the need to re-visit a property for a forgotten photo or a document that was not completed correctly. These are the minor issues that can cause a backlog of jobs sat on desks and cash flow suddenly stopping.

We can help with processing of measures and training new and current staff about the requirements and put in place processes to minimise human error.

Staff Submission Training