Solar PV & Battery Storage Package

Solar PV panels fitted on their own can provide up to 25% of your electricity needs, depending on the size of the system installed & roof pitch angle and direction it faces.

Adding a battery can improve this up to 80%, subject to how efficient your panels are and your electricity usage during the day. 

We have a new package that will give you Solar PV and battery storage and allow you to have up to 100% of your annual electricity usage at a much lower p/kW rate than currently offered by any energy company.

The Package Details

  • We will install both the Solar PV & Battery storage for FREE. 

  • Servicing, Maintenance and Monitoring is FREE.

  • If a Panel, the invertor or battery needs to be replaced, it will be done for FREE.

  • We will give you 1000kWh of electricity every year for FREE just for having the system installed and while it is on your property.

At this point you can choose to do nothing and just take your 1000kWh of FREE electricity every year while the system is on your property.


  • You can purchase electricity at 10p/per kWh, which is fixed for the first 3 years.

  • Can purchase up to 100% of your household needs.

  • After 3 years the price will be at least 50% below the UK standard market rate.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Roof space that is suitable for Solar PV that can have a minimum of 2.5kW installed. This is around 6 or 7 panels. 

  • The suitable roof space DOES NOT face North.

  • Smart meter needs to be installed before the installation of the battery storage.

No other criteria, available to all domestic customers in England, Scotland & Wales.

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