Solar Batteries

If you have Solar PV on your roof, then you will inevitably generate more electricity than you need at times of high supply and low demand, with any surplus exported back into the grid. At the moment, many people are paid for this through the Smart Export Guarantee system. 

If you have an existing small solar PV system, with little excess to go into a battery or other storage options, it’s not likely to make financial or practical sense. New build homes integrating small PV systems into their designs are also unlikely to benefit.

On the other hand, if you install a good number of panels onto your roof and there’s generally no-one around during the day using the electricity generated, it might be worth considering your storage options.

Funding Available:

There is currently no schemes available that offer funding towards battery storage, but there is for Solar PV and can potentially be fully funded through ECO4, Local Authority Delivery and Home Upgrade Grant schemes but you must meet the qualifying criteria. Details can be be found by following the links to those pages.


Purchasing Battery Storage:

We can offer finance to support your purchase. Details can be found here.

We can supply a variety of Battery Storage options and will always work with you to make sure what is fitted meets your needs.

Due to the range of batteries currently in the market and the fluctuating stock levels, we have given our indicative installation prices for a small range of battery sizes. Our prices include installation.


*Prices will always depend on model installed and are subject to survey.


If you are interested in learning more the funding options for Solar PV or to book in a survey, please click 'Contact Us' and complete the online form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Battery Storage Size
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