Smart Water Cylinder

Indirect unvented stainless-steel hot water storage cylinder with Mixergy®adaptive hot water technology.

Tempest Mixergy Heat Pump_Datasheet (002).jpg

Tempest Heat Pump Powered by Mixergy® cylinders provide a smart, connected and flexible hot water
storage solution. Designed for use with an air or ground source heat pump as the main heat source, they
maximise energy efficiency by only heating the water you need. The cylinders are manufactured from Duplex stainless-steel and feature a purpose-designed coil with a 3.3m² surface area to allow maximum heat transfer of renewable energy into the stored water.



  • Up to 20% saving on hot water bills – only heats water required

  • Hot water on demand – mains pressure hot water and high flow rates.

  • Duplex stainless steel provides superior corrosion resistance

  • 316L grade stainless-steel 22mm compression fittings and coils

  • Can enhance EPC ratings – featured in SAP Appendix Q database

  • Smart tariff ready

  • Smart control – hot water controlled 24/7 through Mixergy® app and control gauge

  • Full unvented kit supplied

  • Voice control – control with Alexa or Google Home device

  • Fully insulated to minimise any heat loss

  • Factory-fitted 3kW immersion heater*

  • Flexible heat source – available solar PV ready

  • Also available with 50L integrated buffer store

  • Lifetime manufacturing warranty (2 years on components)**

* 250–500 litre cylinders supplied with additional off-peak immersion heater

** Terms & Conditions apply

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