The new PAS2019 accreditations that become mandatory from July 2021 are very different to the PAS2017 accreditation that came before it.

Firstly there are now requirements that at least one person on site needs to have the new NVQ Level 2 qualification to install insulation measures. 

You also need to have a survey completed by a Retrofit Assessor, and the survey that used to take 20-30 minutes can now take 2+ hours depending on house type and measures. This then needs to be signed off by a Retrofit Coordinator before you install the measure. 

Finally, the paperwork that needs to be uploaded onto Trustmark is far greater than on PAS2017.

So before you get to install you need to become accredited. We are not able to offer the actual accreditation but we can offer administration support for the paperwork for each measure and will soon be able to offer a QMS system which is needed for your accreditation.


You will need to arrange an install to be audited and supply the required insurances and other information so we can complete the paperwork for you. We can also put you in contact with training providers for the NVQ qualifications, Retrofit Assessors/Coordinators or advise how you can organise training for your in-house staff if needed.


PAS2019 Accrediatation Support