Lead Generation

Generating leads within the ECO scheme can be more difficult than standard able pay to leads, because for those people that are on benefits or a low income, a new heating system or insulation is unlikely to be on the top of their list.

The ECO scheme has been used as a way to help those who live in fuel poverty or cold homes for over 8 years and has evolved over several obligations. It is not widely advertised by the energy suppliers, so the general public are not usually aware that the scheme exists.


We use social media and our websites to advertise the scheme and the eligibility for those wishing to apply, making sure they are fully aware of the measures they may be entitled to.


All leads received from our websites are pre-qualified by telephone and checked against qualifying criteria to ensure that the applicant qualifies for an ECO Grant. We send the customer a EST Privacy notice to sign and email back to us. 


We then check property details, through EPC checks and the land registry. Once we are satisfied that the information is correct we will then send the customers information off for a data match.


We offer leads to installers we work with ensuring the service the customer receives is excellent and they're provided with advice they can rely on.


While we are actively looking for leads nationwide across all measures, we are able to target specific areas and measures should you want us to.

All our leads are supplied as 'pay on submission' as we only supply leads to installers that are using our submission processing service.


There is no charge if a lead drops off before installation.