LA Flex Scheme

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility, often shortened to LA Flex, is a part of the UK Government’s new phase of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) scheme.

Councils have the power to widen the eligibility criteria for ECO, allowing them to tailor energy efficiency schemes to their respective area.

This allows more residents, in addition to those claiming benefits, to qualify for ECO funding, often on the basis of low incomes, health, age or area, giving councils the ability to support specific communities.

Local authorities wishing to participate in a LA Flex scheme must publish a 'Statement of Intent' that defines the eligibility criteria within that particular local authority.

The usual criteria for residents are they are currently living in fuel poverty,  are on low income or vulnerable to living in a cold home.

Local authorities can use LA Flex to help homeowners and private renting tenants benefit from the installation of home energy efficiency measures. However, the Flexible Eligibility route is not applicable for social housing tenants.

To check whether your local authority are running a LA Flex scheme you can search for the statement of intent online or drop us an email and we can confirm if one is running.


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