iHelios Infrared Panels

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iHelios Infrared Heating Panel Images1

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iHelios Infrared Heating Panel Images2

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iHelios Infrared Heating Panel Images3

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Feel cosy and comfortable with infrared heater panels.


The infrared heater panels from iHelios are slim and save space.  Infrared panels use radiant heat to warm the room evenly creating a comfortable, natural feeling of warmth. 

Instead of directly heating the air in a room, our infrared panels heat the walls, ceiling and floor evenly which absorbs the heat and gently re-emits the heat back into the room. This is more efficient than conventional heating systems which waste energy by heating large volumes of air. 

iHelios Infrared Heating Panel details and cost.

Below is a table that shows the cost of each iHelios infrared panel size we have available but does not include installation costs.  

iHelios infrared panels can be installed as a standalone whole house solution to heating your home. If you are looking at mixing the heating film with the Infrared Panels you can find information and pricing for the iHelios Heating Film here.

Please take into consideration that once we have completed the survey on your property we will suggest the correct size panels for each room









How to buy?

They say that every great journey starts with a few steps, and that is no different when buying an iHelios living system.

The iHelios range offers a world of options however to navigate your way through to the right conclusion needs some careful thought and consideration.

  1. Consultation. Every project is different and there is always much to discuss. Our initial consultation is designed to understand your project, big or small, and what you want to achieve. You may have lots as questions, as will we, so together we will uncover any specific requirements or concerns you have and agree a way forward. 

  2. Understanding your Property. As an individual who is simply wanting to replace their existing inefficient heating system in their home for an efficient, modern alternative, it is unlikely that you will have beautifully drafted architectural drawings, which of course is fine. We can provide you with some guidance notes so that together we can complete a simple sketch outline of your property, including room dimensions, locations of doors, windows, power points etc. 

  3. Estimate. Once we have completed your drawings, we will then be able to complete an initial design of your iHelios heating system and any Smart Living products you wish to include in your project. It is important to note that at this stage no technical suitability will have been established, so you will receive an Initial Estimate of the materials and products required, as well as the estimated installation cost. It is important to note this may change.

  4. Survey. If you are happy with the initial estimate, the next stage is to arrange a no obligation technical survey to ensure that the iHelios heating system will be suitable for your property, together with any smart devices you require. Once the technical survey is completed we will confirm the system design and provide you with a quotation for the installation work required.

  5. Confirmation. Now that you know what the installation costs are, and you are happy to proceed, we provide raise an invoice for payment. Once paid, we will organise the installation of the iHelios system.

  6. Installation. On the day of installation make sure any areas have been cleared if already agreed. Once completed the installer will give you a workmanship warranty to cover any issues with the installation. All installers that we use are fully accredited and trained on the iHelios system.

  7. Programming. When we are notified that your system has been installed, we contact you to complete the set-up and program schedule of your system. You will then receive a link to your iHelios Management APP.

  8. Completion. Now that your system has installed and working perfectly, you will receive an email providing you the login details to your iHelios Account. Here you can view you warrant documents, system specification, design, and operation manuals. 

  9. Aftercare. If you have any questions or issues have installation, please initially contact iHelios for questions or complaints regarding the system or the installer for questions regarding the installation. If you do not feel your questions or complaints are being fully understood or actioned, please contact Eco Simplified and we will step in and support you until you have an acceptable answer or resolution.

  10. Reviews. We always appreciate feedback and whether it is good or bad we will always use the feedback to make our service better. 

If you are interested in learning more about the iHelios heating film or to book in a survey, please click 'Contact Us' and complete the online form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Body Size
Rated Power
iHelios P350
595 x 595 x 25mm
5 Years (CE, RoHS)
iHelios P450
705 x 605 x 25mm
5 Years (CE, RoHS)
iHelios P580
1005 x 605 x 25mm
5 Years (CE, RoHS)
iHelios P700
1195 x 595 x 25mm
5 Years (CE, RoHS)
iHelios P900
1205 x 755 x 25mm
5 Years (CE, RoHS)
iHelios P1100
1205 x 905 x 25mm
5 Years (CE, RoHS)


  • Heating Element: iHelios infrared carbon film

  • Surface Temperature: mainly 75-95℃  

  • Electric Conversion Efficiency: 98%

  • Surface: Powder coating Alu sheet

  • Frame: frameless

  • Ingress Protection Ration: IP54

  • Over Heat Protection: Yes

  • On/Off Switch: No (Controlled from Thermostat)

  • Default Cable Length: 1.9m