How Do I Qualify For ECO3 Funding?

There are 2 ways to qualify for ECO3 funding. 

  1. Benefits

  2. LA Flex

If you receive a qualifying benefit, we would use this to access funding for the heating and/or insulation.


For those not in reciept of a qualifying benefit, we can check your Local Authority Flexible Eligibility criteria (LA Flex) to see if you can access funding via this route.


If you qualify via LA Flex, we will call you to advise what the next steps are. 


If you or someone living in your home receive one of the follwing, you can qualify for ECO3 funding: 


DWP administered benefits;


Tax Credits

Income related Employment Support Allowance

Income based Job Seekers Allowance

Income Support

Pension Credit

Universal Credit

Disability Living Allowance

Personal Independence Payment 

Attendance Allowance 

Carers Allowance

Severe Disability Allowance 

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits

Ministry of Justice Benefits;

War Pensions Mobility Supplement, Constant Attendance Allowance

Armed Forces Independent Payment


Child Benefit; there are qualifying maximum thresholds:

Single Claimant (Children up to age 18 yrs)

1 Child  - £18,500

2 Children - £23,000

3 Children - £27,500

4+ Children £32,000

Living in a Couple (Children up to age 18 yrs)

1 Child  - £25,500

2 Children - £30,000

3 Children - £34,500

4+ Children £39,000


You can qualify under LA Flex in two ways.


  1. Your household income is below a set amount (this varies between local authorities) & that your property is rated E,F or G on the latest EPC. If you do not have an EPC there are questions that you need to answer to see if you qualify.

  2. The other way is that if you or someone in your household has a long term health condition or is classed as vulnerable to cold due to age or circumstance. 

Health Conditions:

  • Cardiovascular condition

  • Respiratory condition

  • Neurological condition

  • Mental Health condition

  • Physical disability that has a substanstial or long term effect on your ability to do normal daily activities

  • Terminal illness

  • Suppressed immune system

Vulnerable to cold due to age or circumstance

  • Minimum age can vary but it is usually above 65

  • Pregnancy

  • Have dependant children under 5 years of age

Important: Each Local Authority can have varying rules around eligibility; especially around what is considered a 'Low Income'. Once we have received your eligibility form we will check the qualifying criteria and discuss this on our follow up call.