ECO Grants

The ECO scheme was set up with the intention of helping vulnerable households on the lowest incomes to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills.

In October 2018 the Government launched the latest version of the ECO scheme, 'ECO3' and it now includes even more benefits – meaning more people than ever may be able to qualify.

If you own your home you can potentially have a replacement gas boiler and insulation for free or heavily subsidised. 

If you rent your home you cannot claim towards a gas boiler but can claim towards insulation measures that will stop heat loss and make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy bills.

The style and kind of your property you live in is used to calculate the amount of funding you can receive through ECO, as is the fuel which heats your home.

The amount of funding is pre-determined and if this does not fully cover the cost of your chosen installation, you may be asked to make a contribution towards this.  

Grants are also available for properties that have recently been, or will be attached to a gas supply and never had a central heating system in the property.

To learn more about the ECO scheme please go to the GOV.UK website by clicking the button below.


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